Heather is committed to learning as well as educating. In June 2012 she opened Bodhi Tree Wellness Centre
which was the culmination of many years of hard work, intention, influence, and pure joy for her practice. She has been practicing since 1997 as an RMT using an integrated approach that she has developed along side her co-instructor through their ongoing learning, personal experiences in practice & a thirst for always being creative with knowledge & how to impart that on others.
Now, she is proud to present Bodhi Tree Teaching Centre, a professional space for ongoing education.
Over many years of taking courses from others and teaching in a variety of spaces from studios and colleges to
banquet rooms, the dream has been to create a workshop space that combines all of the best features
that each of these provided and then some!
To be able to teach in a room that is professional and yet has such a personal feeling
to it is sure to inspire students as they journey through their ongoing education.

Heather has been practicing as an RMT since 1997 and teaching in the manual therapy field since 2001. At an early stage in her career she started developing courses based on learning relationships that she was taught & began to see clearly in the body and ways to relay that to others. Some courses she has developed and taught on her own, but many have been with her dear friend & colleague Natale Rao. Through the years they have grown as instructors and learned so much through our ongoing education but also through our students. The interaction between participant and instructor is so valuable and inspiring and definitely never ceases to increase Heather’s awareness of how much there is still to learn!!!

Heather has always believed that knowledge should not be harboured but rather shared and expanded amongst us. We do not “own” this knowledge, it found us on our journey and there is such gratitude to be had when we pass it on to others. One must embrace our gifts & do what we can to help others.

Developing first Bodhi Tree Wellness Centre and now Bodhi Tree Teaching Centre is such a culmination of years of practice, teaching, learning, experiencing, being present, being curious, being creative & most of all, wanting to be of service to others. It is with absolute pride & pleasure that Heather presents this new teaching facility.

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“I have taken all courses offered by Heather and Natale over the last three years. It lead me to their Integrated Fascial Techniques course that I am studying for another year. They have combined theories and techniques from well respected authors allowing for a broader understanding of the human body and it’s response to treatment. A supportive and passionate workshop setting ensures that you end the course with a thorough understanding for the material taught. I always have fun and enjoy meeting like minded therapists. I would highly recommend their courses if you are looking at becoming a manual therapist that gets results. Absolute game changer for my career.”

-Mai Holmes, RMT


In 1978, at the age of 28 and living in Toronto, I had made a career decision to pursue Massage Therapy as a venue by which I would fulfill the “inner need to be of service” to others.
The instructional component began as a result of being employed at WCCMT, initially as a clinical supervisor; the position eventually led to being “trained / groomed” for teacher’s assistant and for primary instructor roles.
I firmly believe that continued learning is essential; professional development courses have the potential to provide for us the means to help us discover the inspiration and motivation necessary in order for therapists to “stay in touch” with their own personal reason for remaining in this profession.
From the mid 1990’s and into the early 2000’s, I dedicated my C.E.C. hours and funds towards understanding and learning the intricate nature of the various connective tissue types of the human body’s fascial system. It became clear to me that the 3 primary therapies that employ modalities, described and applied as “fascial techniques”, include: Myofascial Release; Craniosacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation; they provided me with the necessary skills to identify restriction, manipulate safely while responding to the body, and to re-assess.
Briefly, the B.M.M. courses and the I.F.T. series, offered by myself and Heather Gittens R.M.T., are designed to provide guidance to R.M.T.’s who wish to adopt a similar approach in their clinical practices.
Presently, Natale has retired from his private practice, retired from under graduate instruction BUT, is most willing to continue to share what he has learned and experiences with others of “like mind”.
I graduated from the 3000-hour program at WCCMT, after which I continued to take many continuing education classes. I am definitely a lifelong student and will continue to grow as a person and Massage Therapist for the rest of my life. The approach I use in my current practice primarily uses various fascial techniques, Craniosacral Therapy, and Visceral manipulation.
I am very grateful to be able to TA for Heather and Natale, as they have helped me to become the therapist that I am today. I enjoy being a TA very much since their passion for what they do is truly inspiring and I continue to learn and grow with each class I assist with.
Currently, I am assisting with the Integrated Fascial Therapies (IFT) series, various Biodynamic Myofascial Mobilization (BMM) classes, as well as Heather’s One Day Wonders (ODW).
SHERRI MUIRTeaching Assistant
I am a registered massage therapist currently living in Squamish BC. I graduated from the West Coast College of massage therapy 1996. I became interested in fascia and the interconnectedness of the body after completing a series of Barral courses in 2001. Since then I have actively pursued education in the fields of craniosacral therapy, visceral and fascial manipulation and osteopathic techniques. I have assisted in workshops with Ann Sleeper and now for Heather Gittens and Natale Rao. I really love being in the classroom, sharing experiences and knowledge. It’s truly an inspiration to my practice to be part of this collective.
ERIN HANNAHTeaching Assistant
I love my work as a massage therapist. A fascination of the body was sparked during my training at the West Coast College of Massage Therapy. Since graduating in 2001, a love of learning has lead me to ongoing professional development and continuing education in numerous courses, many of which are fascial/osteopathic-based, over the last 16+ years. I enjoy integrating myo-fascial release, craniosacral therapy, and visceral manipulation along with traditional massage therapy techniques of trigger point release, joint mobilizations and deep tissue therapy when indicated.

What I enjoy most about working with other professionals in a classroom setting is how much I learn from my colleagues; their questions, observations, clinical experience always provide a means to deepen my understanding of the body. I find it inspiring to be surrounded by others who are opening to learning regardless of their years in practice; we all have an unique style and approach to treatment.

At Bodhi Tree Teaching Centre, I assist in various One Day Wonders, Visceral Manipulation, Integrated Fascial Series and BMM courses. Also, I am currently a primary instructor of Craniosacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation at the Langara College Registered Massage Therapy Program in Vancouver, BC.