Project Description


As of Spring 2020, this will now be known as BIODYNAMIC FASCIAL INTEGRATION.
2022 Intake is now FULL and underway!  Your application will be for a start date of Spring 2023.
Instructor: Heather Gittens RMT

The Biodynamic Fascial Integration Series takes the practitioner on a journey through anatomy, structure & function, using an approach that is osteopathic, considering all the tissue layers & relationships between them near and far. We challenge the participant to bring the subtle body to the forefront, allowing the tissue response to guide the treatment. The first 3 courses lay the ground work for the entire series.

The courses are currently laid out as the following: Please note all titles & order of presentation are subject to change at the discretion of instructors.

**For license manual therapists only

1. Cranio-Fascial Therapy (Craniosacral)
2. Visceral Connections
3. Fascial Mobilization and Release
4. C/spine-TMJ-Cranium Region
5. Lumbo-sacral Region
6. Thoracic Region
7. The Extremities
8. Advanced Visceral Connections
9. The Tie that Binds – A Culmination of the Series.


  • Introductory level of Myofascial Release.
  • minimum 2 years of experience with a full-time practice as R.M.T. or other licensed manual therapy
  • past continuing education course experience with Natale Rao and/or Heather Gittens
  • a willingness to experience and fully participate in each of the presentations.
  • a willingness to change perspectives and possibly beliefs formed of the human body
  • a willingness to change your view of manual therapy
  • a willingness to practice the skills learned in each workshop prior to participating in the next workshop
  • Craniosacral Therapy and Visceral Manipulation, not required BUT very beneficial*


  • a series of 9 workshops over a 2+ year period
  • each workshop is CMTBC accredited
  • each workshop runs for 3 days; minimum 6 hours per day for a total of 18+ hours per course
  • the series will include components of Mobility and Motility testing as methods of assessment.
  • Indirect, Direct and a combination of both technique approaches will be practiced as methods of treatment.
  • treating dysfunctional tissue as the primary intention, “the condition” being secondary, i.e., a non-protocol focus

Each course builds on those that have come before. The progression of the series is dependent on FULL attendance & commitment; therefore, we ask that you consider carefully your decision to submit your application.

Each course is instructed by Heather Gittens RMT and will be held at the Bodhi Tree Teaching Centre in Surrey, BC.  Natale Rao RMT is retiring as of November 2021 and although his contributions will be felt throughout the series, he will no longer be co-instructing.  All courses are 3 days long with the hours of 9:30am-4:30pm. We pace each course in a manner that maximizes your energy for the day to allow for as much retention & mindful participation as possible. Courses will run during some weekdays so you must be prepared to plan your work week around it.

If you are interested & want more information about fees or the intake process please email us below to request information or an application form.