Project Description

We will spend our time in a detailed exploration of Polyvagal Theory, including how to integrate this potent information into your clinical practice. The Theory offers “a new brain-body or mind-body science.” (Porges, 2021). The underlying theme of the workshop is to build on the principle that when our clients feel safe and settled, clinical outcomes are improved.

Sunday June 2, 2024.
$275 (including GST)
Instructed by Kim Brandt M. Ed., RMT

**For license manual therapists within a regulated Health Care Profession only.

The morning will be devoted to a deep dive into the research of Dr. Porges, including his groundbreaking work that led to a novel understanding of how the Vagus nerve functions. The clinical breakthroughs manifested when Porges began to collaborate with Deb Dana MSW, Peter Levine, Bessel van der Kolk and others.

The afternoon will be devoted to how we implement our newly acquired information into hands-on clinical work. This includes demonstrations with ample opportunity to practice integrating this simple yet profound material into your practice.

For several years, yet mainly since the onset of COVID, I consistently see how stressors leading to chronic stress impacts the well-being of my clients and myself. In searching for a tool to offer people the skills to self-manage their nervous systems, that is aligned with my scope of practice, I discovered Polyvagal Theory. It is an assured means to manage your nervous system.

Upon completion of this workshop attendee’s will be able to explain Polyvagal Theory as it applies to manual therapy and be able to employ it for themselves and their clients.